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Nom de la société: Xeta-Digital Corp.

ManyListing is a Pro and multilingual directory for global companies. ManyListing offers a free referencing service for all types of companies worldwide. Business descriptions are translated into more than 10 languages. It offers many features to ensure a better marketing service for listed companies.


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  Xeta-Digital Corp.


Tel : + (241) - 076 947 23
Mail : contact@manylisting.com
Business Hours : 9:30 - 5:30


ManyListing is one of the best business directories in the world. Add your brand and be visible, reachable and locatable worldwide.

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ManyListing is one of the world's best business directories for restaurants, hotels, companies of all kinds, web agencies, schools and universities, libraries, pizzerias, head offices, cafés, cinemas, etc. ManyListing supports a wide range of languages. So don't wait any longer! Add your brand now and boost your search engine optimization.